What Is BlueChew? Innovative Telemedicine Brings the Heat Back to Your Bedroom!

With the COVID-19 pandemic becoming a bad memory, more and more people are getting excited about socializing again. Whether you are getting back onto the dating scene or reconnecting with a significant other, having the confidence to match your passion in the bedroom can make all the difference in the world.

When nearly 52% of all men will encounter some level of erectile dysfunction (ED) in their lives, it makes sense to have a confident booster on hand when you need it most. If you need to ask “What is Bluechew?”, read on to find the answers.

Enter BlueChew

What Is BlueChew All About?

BlueChew is presently making waves online as it connects men with the chewable tablets they need to gain a little bit of extra confidence in the bedroom. When it is time to perform, BlueChew delivers the same active ingredients that can be found in Viagra and Cialis, but in a chewable form.

BlueChew is an online telemedicine service that connects men with the ED medications they need to live and feel better. If you are still unsure of what the BlueChew experience can offer, you’ve come to the right place to find out more.

Powerhouse Ingredients Drive Performance

As the most common sexual problem that men in the United States face, as many as half of all men over the age of 40 will encounter some level of ED. While ED certainly isn’t fun to deal with, it also isn’t something that has to condemn men to a lifetime of frustration and struggle.

In fact, with chewable tablets made with powerhouse ingredients, support might be just a click and consultation away. Let’s highlight these powerful ingredients to see what they offer, how they work, and why BlueChew’s telemedicine service is ideal for connecting you to them!

Sildenafil leads the charge. Known for its use in Viagra and Revatio, Sildenafil comes in both 30mg and 45mg tablets. With onset typically active within 30 to 60 minutes, sildenafil provides men with the powerful confidence-boosting agent they need to perform when the time comes. Sildenafil can be taken up to four hours prior to those steamy ‘Time to Chew’ moments. With a BlueChew subscription, you can select the plan that works best for you.

Tadalafil is found in both Adcirca and Cialis. Available in doses ranging from 6mg to 9 mg, these chewable tablets begin working in as little as 30 minutes. For men who like to plan ahead, take Tadalafil up to 24 hours prior to your next romantic encounter and you’ll still enjoy the benefits!

Innovative Telemedicine From the Comfort of Home

More than an online telemedicine service, BlueChew is an experience that offers to help men get back into their romantic routines. The process for joining the BlueChew service is as simple and effective as you could hope and it all starts with you!

Prescribed Online, interested clients need only to fill out an online profile through the BlueChew platform. This process will then lead to a digital consultation with a licensed medical provider who will then approve or deny your prescription. Once your RX Chewables have been confirmed and approved, they will be shipped within a matter of days.

BlueChew has a variety of plans available to meet the needs of the individual. Choose the plan that works best for you from Active and Busy to Popular and Pro. Subscriptions can be altered or canceled at any point in time. Each subscription comes with online medical support from the RX staff. All products are shipped directly to your door in discreet, privacy-assured packaging.

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