Mechanism Of Action Of A P-shot And Before/After results at P-shot Dallas

Many of you readers would have read articles and blogs on P-shot treatment, its benefits and risks, its procedure, and its cost, that whether you can afford it or not. Whether it is feasible for you or not.

Even some of you would’ve undergone this treatment. But I don’t think that anyone of you would have learned or read about the action mechanism of p-shot and how PRP (platelet-rich plasma) impacts your body.

What exactly is the efficient and natural way through which P-shot delivers you quick and side-effect-free results?

P-shot Dallas has helped countless people create their success story after going through a P-shot treatment.

Mechanism of Action

The injection of PRP is administered into the Corpus Cavernosum which has a very important role in facilitating erections and also helps in the ejaculatory mechanism.

The injection of PRP helps to reestablish the conduit mechanism of the penis in delivering semen.

The platelet-rich plasma is actually composed of mesenchymal undeveloped cells

After the excision of blood from the arm, the platelets of the coagulated blood are spun in an axis.

The reason for the efficient mechanism and quicker delivery of results by P-shot can be understood from the fact that it contains over 300 active proteins and growth factors.

These components help in tissue recovery. The PRP causes a higher blood flow towards the penis. These proteins and growth factors mend older and damaged blood vessels and also stimulate the production of new ones.

This helps in getting a sufficient volume of blood to pass through and reach the penis. A greater volume of blood is the primary need for an erection.

The P-shot can be regarded as a type of cell therapy because it also stimulates the growth of new cells in the penile region.

The growth factors (glycoproteins) cause the attachment of cells with proteins (for example collagen). Hence they add to the strength of our body tissues and also repair previously damaged cells.

Newer and stronger penile tissues and the blood vessels formed in the penile region, provide a natural cause of penis erection. It actually reforms your penis and eliminates all the physical reasons of Erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is also due to psychological causes. Even the expression of a little positive result can eliminate these psychological causes and fully treat your Erectile Dysfunction.

Many experimental studies have been conducted that prove the fact that PRP promotes vascularization.

Corpus Cavernosum

Before/After results

The effectiveness of the P-shot method has created numerous success stories. Patients that suffered from ED and were subject to many factors that promoted the disease, showed complete recovery in a few months.

Peyroni’s Disease

A man in Florida was suffering from Peyronie’s disease. On erection, His penis bent and caused much pain.

6 continuous treatments by Dallas Anti-Aging and wellness Center completely eliminated all his disease symptoms and he was able to perform normal intercourse without any pain with his partner.

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