Seek Immediate Assistance for Ankle Sprains

An ankle sprain is one of the most common physical injuries. This type of injury mostly occurs in sports and certain types of occupations. However, it can also happen during daily activities. An individual walking to work may stumble in an uneven path, lose balance, and sprain an ankle. An athlete miscalculating a sports move could also sprain an ankle. Basically, anyone can suffer from an ankle sprain.

Daily Incidence of Ankle Sprains

Around 25,000 incidents of ankle sprains and other related injuries occur in the United States every day. Overall annual statistics reveal a prevalence of ankle-related injuries. Reports indicate that every year, around 1 million individuals seek medical services for ankle-related injuries. Sprains and other ankle injuries affect individuals across different age demographics, however, those who have an active lifestyle are more prone to get an ankle sprain.

A stretched or torn ankle ligament causes a sprained ankle. As previously mentioned, this type of injury is common. It can happen while working out, playing as a professional athlete, hiking in the woods, or even walking back to the office after a lunch break.

There are medical and health practitioners that specialize in treating this type of injury. When in the Missouri area, there are providers for Ankle Sprain Services blue springs mo. Those who specialize in this can assist in providing immediate treatment as well as long-term rehabilitation to the injured ankle area. Rehabilitation practices include ankle mobilization and exercises for long-term support. The exercise plan includes strengthening, stretching, and flexibility courses.

Different Levels of Injury

When this type of injury happens, the ankle becomes inflamed and swollen as a result of blood and other liquids leaking and eventually resting in the area. Aside from the swelling, one feels pain when pressure is applied in the ankles. The level of pain and swelling varies with the severity of the injury. In non-severe cases, the pain disappears after taking medication. In severe cases, the pain and swelling linger for quite some time. Personal mobility is also affected. The injured person may not be able to walk properly until the sprained ankle is treated.

There are different levels of ankle sprains. While there is mild damage to the ankles, a grade 1 sprain does not cause joint instability. On the other hand, the most extreme level, grade 3, involves a fully torn ligament and an unstable joint area. There are also two types of sprains based on the affected area. Using this classification, an injury could be an inversion, eversion, or high ankle sprain.

An ankle sprain can happen due to various reasons. It can happen when undue stress is forced on the ankle, heel, and foot area. It can even happen when wearing improperly fitted shoes with insufficient heel support. Some people dismiss ankle pain, but it could be a symptom of a far worse condition. When the pain cannot be alleviated with simple medication, the services of a specialist may be required. Seeing an ankle specialist ensures the injury is diagnosed and addressed in time.

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