Shock Wave Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction – Your Ultimate Guide

Sound Wave Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction is a new and revolutionary technique that has the potential to cure impotence in men permanently. It has already helped thousands of men around the world to overcome this disorder. Sound Wave Treatment was devised by an American sex therapist. He surmised that the reason for some men not attaining erections was their inability to hear high-pitched sounds. The treatment, sound therapy, involves exposure of the penis to sound vibrations.

One such sound therapy treatment is the sound walking technique. This is done by placing your hand on top of a table and swinging it back and forth. You need to place your hand flat against the floor as sound waves emerge from the tabletop. If you are able to feel the vibrations then you can tell that the vibration is coming from somewhere near you. Dossey believed that these vibrations trigger the brain to produce the hormones responsible for erections.

Another sound therapy treatment is the sound singing technique. In this treatment, a recording is played that mimics the tone of a singer. To help the patients to relax, there are also recorded relaxing music tracks on the other end. However, dossey found that his patients found the singing treatment more effective than the recorded music. It made them forget about all their worries.

Sound Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction is not just limited to male patients. There are female patients too who have shown great improvement after undergoing this treatment. Dossey has treated women of all ages and even pregnant women. The success of the treatment depends upon the severity of the problem.

Dossey believes that Erectile Dysfunction should be tackled holistically. Various problems should be tackled at the same time so that you don’t experience any interruption in your treatment. The effects caused by each treatment therefore depend upon the causes of the dysfunction.

The good news is that it doesn’t take long to get back to your normal self again. However, it would be advisable to take up some exercises to keep you fit and healthy. You can even take up yoga to tone your muscles and keep you mentally fit. If you can combine exercising with sound therapy, it would help you a lot in regaining your pre-menopausal body.

Another important aspect of sound wave treatment for men is to eat the right food. Men often times tend to starve themselves during the treatment. They need to eat healthy food with plenty of proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins in them so that their body can function well.

Like any other diseases, men can also be treated using sound wave treatments. However, you will need to go to a qualified doctor for the GAINSWave treatment Phoenix. Make sure that you research well about the subject before you opt for any such treatment. Go for natural remedies as much as possible as they are more effective and safer.


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