Guarding the Supply Chain of Prescription Drugs

If you run a pharmacy, you know you have a lot of demands on you to provide the right prescription drugs to the customers who come in. With both name brands and generics, you need to be sure you have the right drugs to sell. They need to be what they say they are and they need to be free of contamination and adulterants. While there is not much of a way for you to test the drugs that are coming in from suppliers, you can keep track of the virtual paper trail that each order leaves behind. You need good software in place so you can be sure that you have clear and present documentation of where a drug came from, when it was bought, the purchase statement, and all other important information.

Meeting Guidelines

The medications that come in have to meet dsca pharmacy guidelines as according to the FDA. You already know this but you cannot be one hundred percent sure that the drugs you are getting meet those guidelines every step of the way. That is why you need documentation for the record of where and when these medications came from so you can easily track the source. This requires the right software to be on board. With the right software, you will be able to keep track of all drug orders and stock in a way that you were never able to do before. You can have records of transaction history, the transaction information, and the transaction statement all in one program so you know exactly the trail that led to the medications that you have on the shelf.

Staying Safe

It is all about looking at the supply chain. You will have all the records you need if a drug gets recalled or a customer has an issue with one. This will help people to stay safe and it will protect your pharmacy from liability in the event of a bad medication purchase. Since you cannot know what is in the bottle but for the labeling, you need to know where you got it from and this is especially true for all the generics that you sell. You have to admit that most people get the generic form in order to save money. You are telling them that this generic is the same as the name brand and you want to stick behind your word. With that in mind, you should be fully prepared if something comes up concerning the drug that was sold to the customer.

Proper Ordering

As long as you have all the order information on hand, you can tell where a drug came from and what lot it was. You will have everything that you need to hold the manufacturer accountable for what they say is in a given prescription drug. When you are ordering in the future, you will know what the more reliable sellers are and which ones you have had problems with. The right software will ensure safe standards and guidelines are followed.

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