Few Derived Points From Experts About The Face Masks And Its Effectiveness

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have mentioned in their guidelines that the spread of the Covid19 virus can be restricted by using right face masks.

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Here are a few facts about face masks:

  1. How face mask prevents the spreading of the Covid19 virus? 

The Covid19 virus is transmitted into the air or on any nearby surfaces included skin by sneezing, coughing, or even exhaling activities of an infected person. It is present in the form of microscopic droplets. When a healthy person inhales this air or touches a contaminated surface, the virus enters their body through the eyes, nose, and mouth.

The right mask can block these droplets of virus and restrict them from traveling further. It helps to prevent the spreading of the deadly virus from an infected person.

  1. Who needs to wear a face mask?

A person above 2 years without having any specific medical conditions about breathing problems should wear a face mask to prevent the Covid19 virus. Also, persons gathered in a group must wear face masks, where maintaining a safe distance of six feet is not possible.

  1. Which is the best fabric for your right mask?

The right type and quality of face mask fabrics can be determined by the number of light rays it allows to pass through its one surface to another. A fabric that allows fewer light rays to pass through it is the better choice to prevent the Covid19 virus from entering your body. It also makes smooth and normal inhaling and exhaling processes.

  1. Which is the right type of masks?

A surgical mask is loosely fitted around your nose and mouth. They do prevent the spreading of large droplets into the air. As per the Food and Drug Administration, a surgical mask (which is only for doctors and nurses uses during operations) can help to prevent the spreading but cannot save you from contracting a Covid19 virus.

According to the CDC, the N95 masks are more beneficial in the prevention of spreading and contracting a coronavirus. It fits properly and tightly around your nose and mouth.

The various lab tests have proved that homemade masks, factory-made masks, towels, scarves, and headbands are also found to be medically effective.

  1. Do layers of fabric and the number of threads matters?

Researchers and WHO has recommended that a mask with minimum layers of fabric with densely threaded are necessarily better for preventing coronavirus. It should also have a safe level of pores for smooth inhaling and exhaling activities.

Both the disposable and reusable face masks have the same level of protection and safety against the Covid19 virus. The reusable masks are more eco-friendly due to their reusable properties. A vented mask is designed to be useful in preventing rather than spreading of Covid19 and are not reusable. Even if you have picked up a wrong mask, do not worry to use it as “something is better than nothing”.

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