There’s hope for having a slimmer body and a lot of people who have belly fat, big as a bag pack, are looking for ways on how to loosen up in order to reduce all this body fat, but they end being tired all the time due to stressful exercise despite their busy schedules at work. This is scientific research about LGD 4033. It includes studies about its effect and the benefits of these Ligandrol for human consumption. It is not limited in advantages but also the observation and clinical studies about this wonder drugs. The following SARMs are popular for use by body-builders and gym enthusiast to maintain their slimmer and fit body. SARM’s in this article are itemized according to its efficacy and popularity of use.

LGD 4033 is also known as “Ligandrol” or “Anabolicum”. It was created by Ligand Pharmaceuticals where its name was inspired. Ligandrol was taken by Viking Therapeutics to conduct research of its benefits to hip fracture. It is used to treat hip fractures for faster recovery and is an alternative to steroids.

According to one study conducted by Boston University’s Institutional Review Board, published March 28, 2010. The article is entitled “The Safety, Pharmacokinetics, and Effects of LGD-4033, a Novel Nonsteroidal Oral, Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator, in Healthy Young Men”. Subjects are focused on a total of 76 healthy men, ages 21 to 50 years old, nonsmokers, with body mass index between 18 and 32 years old and are free from diseases. The objectives of this study are to evaluate the effect of LGD-4033 administered every day for 21 days on lean body mass, muscular strength, stair-climbing endurance, and sex hormones. The total amounts of LGD-4033 are 0.1 mg, 0.3 mg, or 1.0 mg and were randomly administered to these men.  This is done daily, and overall health was monitored for 5 weeks after intervention. The study concluded that LGD-4033 is safe for use and increased lean body mass and did not harm the prostate gland but still suggested for longer randomized trials in selected population to ensure the effectiveness of the drug to one’s health.

Ligandrol is nonsteroidal and is more popular than any SARMs and more effective than MK-2866 (Ostarine). It helps to develop more muscle gain without affecting any other organs such as liver, prostate, and sebaceous glands. It prevents too much production of natural testosterone and has less chance of producing converted estrogen. Other Pros and Cons of Ligandrol are the following: Increases strength and may help heal and strengthen bones. Decreases body fat and improve the wellbeing of a person. Enhance the healing process. This wonder drug has been banned in professional sports and its long-term effects are still unknown so better make sure to seek advice from a medical physician before taking this drug to consider proper amount and usage of Ligandrol.

Diet is important to have a healthy body, Ligandrol can boost the strength of the body, while balanced diet can complement the need of our body when it comes to required nutrient levels to be more fit, slim, and sexy, inside and out. So, take care of your body and be prepared for all the challenges that come in our way. With Ligandrol, everything will be made perfect and simple.

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