Is CBD Addictive?

It’s likely that you’ve heard of some of the benefits of CBD and how it is able to reduce anxiety, inflammation, and suppress seizures. There are many people that are regularly taking CBD to manage their day-to-day health and find a better balance in our lifestyle. Many people that are still on the fence about CBD are worried about some of the negative effects that could happen as a result of starting a dose of CBD. One of the greatest concerns that many people face is that CBD could be addictive.

Addiction And CBD

Addiction is caused as a psychological and physiological response to an external stimulus, it’s often based on pleasure triggers, prolonged exposure, and learned behaviors. CBD is one of the two main components linked to cannabis and it doesn’t produce the same type of pleasure or feelings of euphoria that are associated with THC. It interacts with the major receptors at the end of the cannabinoid system and it promotes homeostasis. CBD may increase serotonin levels but it doesn’t produce the psychoactive buzz that’s associated with THC which can sometimes lead to addiction.

Rates of physical addiction with THC are extremely low and with CBD not impairing psychological functions or motor skills, there is an even lesser chance that there could be physical addiction symptoms as a result of CBD use.

CBD can actually assist with is the process of fighting addictive properties. Managing CBD and THC related compounds in the body can help with managing addictions to alcohol, drugs.

The chance for addiction with CBD is extremely low and the only real side effects to taking large quantities of CBD include lowered blood pressure, change to appetite, dizziness, sedation and diarrhea. If you are concerned about CBD and its addictive qualities, you can rest easily knowing that CBD does not contain addictive properties for your future.

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